Big News!!

Big news!

We had a name change.

It’s a subtle switch, a simple capitalization of a single letter that changes the whole focus of our business. WeeVu is now WeevU (pronounced “Weev-You”) because we want to Weev U into the community. We’re shifting away from “shopping to support a cause” to focus on practical and efficient ways to help nonprofits grow. Our mission from the start has always been to support nonprofits and the amazing things they do for our community while connecting like-minded people with even more opportunities to give back. WeevU 2.0 is all about helping our nonprofit partners and rewarding YOU for getting involved.

So what should you expect?

First, we’ve discontinued our mobile app service (surprise!). The app was what we like to call the “best mistake we ever made” and it’s true! We have big dreams with WeevU and for now we’re taking the lessons we’ve learned so far and bidding adieu to our app.

Second, we’re going to launch our interactive web-based platform where supporters can easily coordinate and be rewarded for getting involved with the nonprofit community. We’re even introducing a new feature that we’re calling “Weev Points” that can be redeemed for discounts to various nonprofit events. WeevU 2.0 will be more efficient than WeeVu 1.0 and will be easily accessible from any smartphone device, iPad/tablet or desktop at any time of day.

Now, we can’t give away too much about WeevU 2.0! Our launch date is still some months off, but we hope you will support our most recent changes.

WeevU 2.0 is all about Weeving YOU into the community. WeevU has been dedicated to helping nonprofits grow and strengthening the community from the start and we can’t wait to show you how we’re going to achieve our dreams.


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