Introducing… Matt Strauss!


“I thoroughly enjoy making a difference and seeing people be successful around me.”

Matt Strauss loves to help people. He has a friendly and easy-going demeanor that makes it difficult to turn down a conversation with him. Matt’s the type of person to strike up a conversation with a random stranger at a bar and when you’re done talking to him you’ll feel like you’ve just made a new friend.

During his time as a soccer player and finance undergrad at West Virginia University, Matt uncovered a passion he had for helping others through volunteering with his teammates and coaching 10-year-old kids in the younger leagues. It was this passion that led him to research how volunteering and nonprofits operate because Matt realized he wanted to help everyone but couldn’t. There had to be an easier way to give back to the community. And WeevU was born.

For Matt, launching a business with his sister, Steph, has been beyond exciting. But it’s also been very demanding and doesn’t always lead to the desired outcome. WeevU 1.0 began as a mobile app that encouraged users to “shop locally and give back” to the community. Since then, WeevU 2.0 has transformed into an all-in-one platform and marketplace for nonprofits. Matt and Steph have also moved into a brand new office space at Catapult Chicago where you can find Matt almost every day of the week.

While WeevU 2.0 is still in the works, Matt sees huge potential for WeevU’s overall growth. Not only does Matt see WeevU affecting Chicago nonprofits but he sees WeevU being the advocate for all nonprofits. His big dream is to make the lives of the teams that run nonprofits easier and to change the way that people even think about nonprofits. Matt sees WeevU as the step towards change and it all starts with technology. As Matt would say:

“Creativity differentiates. Relatable passion sells. Hard work wins.” That’s just the type of person that Matt is.


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