Introducing… Steph Strauss!

steph at catapult

“I am a giver. I like to make people feel special.”

Steph Strauss is a jack of all trades. With a major in Fashion & Marketing, experience in visual design and a profound understanding of the restaurant business due to her successful endeavor, Trifecta Grill. You could say she’s “been there, done that” about a lot of things.

So what draws a fashion major to nonprofits? Aside from the encouragement (begging?) from her brother, Steph stepped into the world of giving back because it’s simply in her nature. After Matt sent her a text message about a lack in nonprofit community engagement in April of 2013 and didn’t give up on the idea, Steph got serious about making an impact. Her number one surprise was the sheer number of nonprofits in the Chicagoland area alone that she hadn’t known about.

“There are something like 36,000 nonprofits in the Chicagoland area. And if I didn’t know that these organizations existed, there has to be so many others that don’t as well. WeevU will help these nonprofits get discovered for the incredible things they do!”

Steph gives off an energetic, innovative vibe that is hard to ignore, as well as a true desire to understand the people and world around her. At WeevU, she handles all of the graphic design, marketing and nonprofit relations, having mastered the art of cold calls and creating a brand from the ground up. Yes, including that adorable blue and yellow smiley face you see above.

Steph & Matt both know the intensity of wearing several different hats. As a start-up, they have to be HR, marketing, external relations, sales and more, all at once, which is how they can relate to the nonprofit business so well. But what makes them continue is the support of their mentors, colleagues at Catapult Chicago and the vision that someday nonprofit work will be more easily recognized in the community.

With WeevU 2.0’s upcoming launch, Steph could not be more excited. Along with making a difference on a larger scale, the duo is able to do what they love and love what they do.

“I get to hear the stories and the inspirational things they [nonprofits] are doing to help make the world a better place. It makes my heart smile.”


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