One More Hat

It’s no secret that nonprofit organizations are wearing multiple hats at one time. The head of marketing may also be the volunteer coordinator and grant writer. Talk about a headache!

And now, with Google’s new algorithm, that same person will have to add web developer to their resume. To make Google more user-friendly, the search engine changed their algorithm to put mobile-friendly websites first. So for nonprofits, who often don’t have the expertise in coding and development, this will be yet another thing to add to the laundry list.

However, it brings up a good point. Nonprofits, and all organizations, need to put marketing first and the rest will follow. Volunteers and donors are much less likely to support nonprofits if their cause and information is not easily accessible. WeevU 2.0 aims to help this disconnect. With our all-in-one platform, that is both computer and mobile-friendly, we take some of the weight of trying to keep your online presence up to code off your shoulders.

We’re dreaming of a world with one hat, how about you?


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