Meet Bria!


Originally born on the West coast, but having the road be her home, Bria Smith has traveled more than any average 20 year old we have known. Although, she has lived in several different states, it wasn’t until she came to Chicago that this big city captured her big heart!

Lucky for us Bria is a part our dream team here at WeevU, functioning as executive director as well as Matt and Steph’s right hand woman. As a junior at DePaul University, studying public relations and advertising, Bria fits in tremendously! By working mainly on customer service and sales and ALSO managing the multiple internal teams at WeevU, she describes this experience as ‘overwhelmingly incredible’. She feels so blessed to be working with Matt and Steph, whose dreams are finally coming true along with her dedicated fellow interns. She expresses how she loves working with such a passionate team that believes in WeevU so much and puts in extra effort because they all know they’re making something amazing that will be wildly successful.

Besides starting this new internship at WeevU and working towards her dream of working in the nonprofit sector, Bria has had a lot of wonderful moments to celebrate about in 2015! She has found a new and comfortable apartment in Uptown where the WeevU team has already held a fun bonding night. Pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules, Bria Smith is a superhero at WeevU. We’re so lucky to have a leader like her, fighting by our side to make Chicago the most philanthropic city in the world!


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