Meet Mia!


A nature enthusiast and adventure seeker, Mia Jenssen is a tree hugger spending her college years in the windy city. She loves to get out of the city as much as she can to enjoy hiking, kayaking, and mountain climbing under the sizzling sun, pushing her boundaries. The serenity and isolation she finds in the wilderness is unmatched elsewhere. A sophomore at DePaul University, majoring in Geography and Public Relations and Advertising, with a minor in Art History and Architecture, Mia has a wide range of passions.

Mia’s favorite person in the entire world is Charlie Chaplin. She admires and tries to emulate his understanding, humor, and spontaneity in life.

Mia found out about WeevU through DePaul’s experience page. WeevU jumped out to her on a long list of available internships opportunities with nearby companies or startups that involve marketing and advertising.

We are so lucky to have Mia on our Social Media Team, adding her own ideas and flavor to our advertising needs. Her job is to help market and promote WeevU and it’s dream of pushing nonprofits to reach their full potential. As we have all found, social media is key in the world of nonprofits.

Mia’s favorite part about working at WeevU is being a part of such a passionate team that is trying to make a difference in the community and further. She is also exploring what life after college could look like. A huge advocate for WeevU herself, she sees it being a big component in the world of nonprofit organizations. Although we are starting small, she truly believes in the future success of WeevU and all of the good it can do.

Mia’s best moment of 2015 is getting the WeevU Internship! She also enjoyed her spring break trip down to North Carolina where she hiked the Appalachian Trail for a week and tried her first Southern BBQ ribs…both a success. Her future aspirations include being the star of the next Avengers movie…specifically one with invisibility powers for an edge over opponents.

We love working with Mia here at WeevU! She shares with us our passion for nonprofits and giving back in order to grow the nonprofits of Chicago!


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