WeevU Friday Recap: 7.24.2015


This week we met up with up and coming powerhouses in the nonprofit world. The only thing holding these two nonprofits back are… well, nothing.

First, we reconnected with Mike Cavanaugh of the Small Business Advocacy Council. Perseverance and personality are two traits that stand out when talking to Mike. His passion for what he does is incredible. After knowing Mike for a while now, his personality tops all. Mike is both personable and outgoing, making it easy to relate to his passion. From our experiences, showing your passion while simultaneously relating to people is incredibly difficult to do. Mike is a master at his craft and is on the way to changing the world. In fact, the SBAC recently helped pass intrastate crowdfunding for businesses. A big cheers to Mike, Elliot, Ryan, Stephanie and the rest of the SBAC team.

Next, we met with Michael Stark and Stephanie Robuck of Holiday Heroes. Before we dig in, we recommend taking a look at Holiday Heroes’ website and their mission. These two have already accomplished truly incredible things. If we had to choose three words to describe Michael and Stephanie, they would be powerful, passionate and connected. Powerful because they have a vision and will achieve their goal without a doubt. Passionate because they strive to impact every child they meet. And lastly, they are connected. Holiday Heroes is growing at an extraordinary rate due to the power of connecting people in the philanthropy world. They realized that if their supporters are helping them, you must go out of your way to create introductions and be a resource.

The ultimate reason we wanted to share both stories is because their teams hold incredible business acumen. They understand that nonprofits must be run like a business in order to reach their vision. In Cavanaugh’s situation, he focuses his business acumen on unique loyalty strategies to his members. With Holiday Heroes, they focus on partnering and scaling because in the nonprofit world there is one mission and that is to make the world a better place. Meeting both the Small Business Advocacy Council and Holiday Heroes have made this week a unique learning experience in our journey!

Check out these upcoming events to get involved with your community today:


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