Future of Chicago Non-profits Uncertain


As Illinois officials continue to cut nonprofit funding with the burden of a $1.6 billion budget deficit, Illinois nonprofits are scrambling to make hard decisions about reducing their staff and locations. President and CEO of Donor’s Forum, Eric Weinheimer, notes that “this is the reality…our sector does what government no longer can… we shelter, feed, clothe, educate, and keep our communities healthy.”

Illinois prides itself on its humanity and engagement in the charitable sector. In fact, Illinois’ charitable sector consists of 525,000 employees and $20 billion in wages. This leaves charities with an increased pressure in the importance of fundraising right now in order to keep working towards all their individual missions.

As a part of Illinois’ nonprofit sector marketing tactic, the Donors Forum created the “Building Stronger Illinois” campaign. The social return on investment is as follows: For every dollar invested in the Arts and Culture areas yields $27 in socioeconomic return, $58 in the Environmental area, and $45 in the Youth Development area.

According to this research analysis, Illinois currently resides last in the country for fiscal health. This conclusion stems from the state’s statistics on cash, budget, long run, service level, and trust fund solvencies. This is extremely concerning for all of the nonprofits, charities, and philanthropies that we support and are partnered with.

So how can we help these wonderful nonprofits and philanthropies?

The answer lies with WeevU! At WeevU, we empower nonprofits, and grow communities. We want to alleviate much of the stress of state budget cuts that nonprofits are facing with our all-encompassing social media platform. WeevU can help these organizations build, connect, and market their events and mission to find better success. So please join our mission and help us #weevchicago!

-Ellen Stello


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