WeevU Friday Recap: 7.21.2015


This week we caught up with Eva and Rachel at the Chicago Community Trust. They are an incredible organization that has one goal: to make Chicago the most philanthropic city in the world. Their model is intriguing since they have developed advocates that are on the ground to leverage their outreach. After listening to a podcast this week from YELP, we really connected both of these models. Yelp’s goal is to create an incredible experience for their users by allowing them to voice their opinion and be recognized for doing so. The Chicago Community Trust does so in a similar way, but recognition doesn’t come from just voicing opinions. The Chicago Community Trust finds people that are passionate about their city and makes them their on the ground advocates.

This is how we are aligning our business at WeevU. Referrals are true leads that can change the momentum of your business and/or nonprofit. At WeevU, Yelp and Chicago Community Trust, we are similar but all hold different names for them.

Don’t forget to check out these upcoming events in the Chicagoland area!:


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