6 Things You Should Know About Keshet’s Associate Director of Donor Relations and Marketing

Interview Features

Keshet: A Rainbow of Hope for Children and Adults with Special Needs is a nationally recognized, state-of-the-art 501(c)(3) organization, providing community-based educational, recreational, and vocational programs for children, teens and young adults with varying and multiple developmental disabilities. Keshet’s goal is to enable children with disabilities to participate as fully as possible in the mainstream of community life.

At Keshet – a Rainbow of Hope for Individuals with Special Needs, Deb Weiner serves as the Associate Director of Donor Relations and Marketing. One of Keshet’s unique attributes is their determination to meet the ever-changing needs for programs/services for participants; therefore, they are continuously evolving and expanding. Here are 6 facts about Deb that make her a successful associate director at Keshet!

  1. Her day-to-day responsibilities are plentiful

Deb has many duties that keep her extremely busy, like many non-profit professionals. She assists with the management of all Keshet donor relations activities and ensures that donors experience high-quality interactions with the organization that foster long-term engagement and investment.

  1. She wears a number of hats as Associate Director

She manages two volunteer boards, oversees all community outreach events, plans and executes Keshet’s marketing campaigns, works with a team of videographers, photographers, and designers to execute additional promotional materials, and runs the marketing internship program at Keshet.

  1. She’s been volunteering since her teen years

Being involved in the special needs community is nothing new for Deb. She started volunteering when she was in junior high and has continued to do so since then. Her first volunteer experience was working at a camp for children with special needs. “I have always been drawn to the special needs community so it seems only natural that I would end up working for a nonprofit that serves this very special population.”

  1. Her work is humbling

Deb finds working at Keshet a very humbling experience. “We are all here to help provide a better quality of life for these individuals and it is extremely rewarding to be part of something that is bigger than yourself. There is truly a sense of unity among our staff and the families we serve.”

  1. Her secret to success begins with leadership

As a leader and advocate of Keshet, Deb uses a ‘lead-by-example’ leadership style and doesn’t take anything for granted. She hopes that those around her see how devoted she is to the organization and her general life path to do good things and to be a good person.

“I’m defined by the work I do in the community and making a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs.” That is something to truly be proud of.


If you’d like to learn how you can help Keshet do the amazing things they do CLICK HERE! to find out more!

If you work for a non-profit or support a non-profit that is very near and dear to your heart, CLICK HERE so we can help spread the awareness they deserve!


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