Meet Ellen: She’s a School Record Holder for Swimming and Our Social Media Whiz


She is a learning and organizational change major but she spends more time in the pool than in the classroom. Ellen Stello, a rising junior at Northwestern University, recently finished up her summer internship with the WeevU social media team and we are so sad to see her go! Ellen has been named captain of the swim team for this upcoming school year, and plans to make this her best season yet! She is a gluten free, Friends addict who loves cheese and peanut butter, and last year she set a record at her school for the 200 yard butterfly.

Ellen has a ton of interests outside of swimming, including a passion for fashion. She has a career goal of working with fashion marketing and global fashion management.

Ellen found out about WeevU through Northwestern’s athletic program, NU for Life. Kkim, a recent Northwestern grad and a WeevU team member, helped Ellen get connected to the rest of the WeevU team and the director of NU for Life.

We have been so lucky to be able to have Ellen as a part of our social media team. She has done so much to help build and maintain our nonprofit relations as well as manage our social networks. She has also generated and promoted a lot of really great content for our social media networks. Ellen says that her favorite thing about working at WeevU is the people. Ellen is inspired by Matt and Steph’s hard work and passion for helping nonprofits.

So far, Ellen has had many great moments in 2015. Ellen’s sister got engaged and has set a wedding date for next summer. Ellen is looking forward to helping with the wedding planning and going dress shopping with her sister. Right now Ellen is on an end-of-summer adventure in England visiting her boyfriend’s home.

Ellen is really excited for WeevU to launch and to see Matt and Steph’s dream become a reality. We have been so lucky to have the chance to work with her and we are really excited to see what the future holds for her!


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